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Discover our fully custom-made service for mugs, tote bags and crossbody mini tote. Tailor each item to your unique style and preferences. Contact us to start creating your personalized products today!


here's the cost you will be expecting for small amount order:


  • Standard Tote Bag:
    • $60 each, minimum order 2


  • Crossbody Mini Tote
    • $35 each, minimum order 2


  • Mug
    • $26 each, minimum order 4


For other collaboration options such as senting your t-shirt to us, select the cat and we print for you! Please don't hesitate to contact us and will discuss more on details.


* Welcome to inquire about the cost/price specifically.

* Expected waiting time will be around 2 weeks after confirming your final artwork/ collaboration work.


Fully Customaed Service

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